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Clare was born and grew up in Ross-shire, on the north east coast of the Highlands of Scotland. Her grandfather a Macdonald, her grandmother a Gunn and married to a Campbell, she is very much part of Scotland's iconic clan heritage....

Clare, and her family live on the Black Isle and this is where she nurtures her passion for the Highlands, for Scotland and all things tartan. Clare’s ambition is to share these passions with the world through a company she has founded, Prickly Thistle.  Prickly Thistle empowers clients as the co-author on a tartan journey, a journey that provides them with a very unique experience.  From creating a story telling tartan design to breathing life into their cloth and tailored product collection.  Clare believes that we all long for a sense of belonging and a unique identity, and this matters to us all around the world.   For her nothing says it more than a bespoke tartan, it is the worlds identity cloth....

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Discover the secrets behind our brand

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Made in Scotland

We believe in the luxury of choice and the Made in Scotland label of tartan authenticity.

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