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The making of your cloth will involve generations of Scottish family businesses and the finest Scottish based craftspeople, all working together with Prickly Thistle.  From the spinning of your yarns, weaving these to form your story cloth, all the way to the finishing and breathing life into the design in your product collection.

We work with the few remaining Scottish spinners to spin yarns based on a "best fit", this can be anything from wool, cashmere, cotton, linen, silk or even with something more unusual. This ensures that you get the right results for you and a tartan that will both stand the test of time, whilst telling your story in the most compelling way.

Using traditional methods and ancient looms your yarns are woven with passion and commitment to the ways of old. We capture images of your cloth throughout this process, as each element of construction is unique to you. Like the tartan track that is fine tuned by hand to your design, this engineering method relays instructions to the shuttles as they swiftly move back and forth on the loom, colour by colour, yarn by yarn.

Your finished cloth is taking home to the Highlands and from here your collection is brought into life. Working with traditional and contemporary kilt makers, fashion designers, wall-covering and interior artisans capable of realising everything from blinds to bedsteads, to the makers of innovative corporate products or gifts. We employ only the finest Scottish skills, generations of expertise and experience in their field.

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Discover the secrets behind our brand

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We believe in the luxury of choice and the Made in Scotland label of tartan authenticity.

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