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The term bespoke is a much over-used and abused concept, but we pride ourselves on offering a genuine studio process where each project is realised by Prickly Thistle from start to finish as a genuine interpretation of your unique ideas.  

It is our very commitment to this type of service that empowers you to create the ultimate legacy. The legacy created for you takes on many forms,

  • Firstly your unique tartan design, that tells your story
  • Official registration of authenticity with the National Archives of Scotland
  • Stunning cloths manufactured in Scotland, specific to your requirements
  • Tangible products that become part of everyday life for you, for your business, for your loved ones
  • Your tartan journey journal, a book that commemorates your journey, full of captivating images that details each step

With a tartan designed by Prickly Thistle you are assured that your design will be created to reflect your identity, after all we believe that tartan is the worlds identity cloth. For thousands of years tartan has been viewed globally as a cloth that reflects heritage and origin, and no stronger was this the case than right here in the Highlands of Scotland.

Prickly Thistle was born in the Highlands, is at home in the Highlands and who's ancestors were those of the most iconic Highland Clans. The Highland legacy of tartan creation can now be part of your story.

We can help you make something unique, 

Contact us to request a brochure and create your bespoke tartan legacy.

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Discover the secrets behind our brand

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We believe in the luxury of choice and the Made in Scotland label of tartan authenticity.

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