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Belladrum Estate

The Belladrum Estate can be found just a few miles North West of Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland.   It was during the summer of 2016 the Estate tartan was born.

The Estate stretches over 1150 acres and has been home to Joe Gibbs' family since 1857, save for a short interlude, and prior to that these lands were once owned by the Frasers of Belladrum.  For many years the Estate has been managed in true traditional Highland style, farming and forestry being the key activities.  However in recent years, Joe and his family have introduced a whole new creative dynamic to the mix, and of course the tartan!

Today you will find Belladrum Estate widely known for its annual music event, the Tartan Heart Festival.  Held each August since 2004 the event has grown year on year.  Joe and his family open the doors to the Estate for three days of music and entertainment, where thousands of festival goers pitch up with tents, caravans and camper vans all around the beautiful grounds.  As you will have noted the "tartan" title to the festival, creating a tartan was always on the bucket list.  

The brief was to create a tartan that reflected the surrounding landscape colours and also recognise the generations of passion and pride that have been part of the Belladrum Estate's history.  The result being a truly classic design, with only four yarn colours selected, these have been woven in an understated sett order.

The Belladrum Estate Tartan was launched in August 2016, at the 13th Tartan Heart Festival.  There was an overwhelming demand from all of those that attended, with a complete sell out on the launch collection of products.  This success has now led to the creation of the Naked Highlander fashion brand.  We are the partner business with Belladum Estate launching a fashion range in 2017.

Joe Gibbs, the Estate owner explains, “Many people who come to Bella have been meeting each other here for years. In a sense we have become a clan. So we thought: let’s design a tartan for everyone who feels part of the clan Bella. It took the genius of Clare Campbell at Prickly Thistle to come up with a wonderful tartan and to realise the whole dream."

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