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Coast & Glen

Coast & Glen and its sister brand Fishbox pride themselves on their "made in the sea by Scotland" commitment.  With that continuing theme of made in Scotland it was a pleasure to collaborate with them and create a made in Scotland tartan and product collection.

Launched on the 30th November, St Andrew is widely known as the Patron Saint of Scotland, but he was also the Patron Saint of Fishermen, with that the perfect day to announce its creation.

The custom design created for our client has an iconic traditional fishing style at first glance.  We wanted not only to embed the business journey and strong values into the design but also create a tartan that has a distinguished aesthetic finish, that of the ancient Scottish fishing nets hand woven for centuries around our coastline.  Using the corporate colours of both Coast & Glen and Fishbox, each colour block and its size marks out the journey and key values.  All of which have been assembled in such a way to express their design as the "made in the sea by Scotland" unique tartan net.

To view their custom tartan design and product collection that we have created for them, then please visit their tartan collection store here.

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Made in Scotland

We believe in the luxury of choice and the Made in Scotland label of tartan authenticity.

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