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At Prickly Thistle we have created five Threads of Purpose, a tartan manifesto if you will! Each Thread is not only a reflection on our endeavours to create the only tartan mill in the Highlands of Scotland but also to our business as a whole. They are integral to who we are and what we want to create. 


Thread of Purpose 1 - Disrupt History

You may know some tartan myth or legend, the most famous legend being a battle held just a few miles from here at Culloden Moor which saw an act of law banning Highland Dress for decades. Do you know how many weaving mills exist in Scotland and the Highlands today? One of greatest tartan myth of all. The Highlands has been void of tartan mills for decades. We at Prickly Thistle are awakening the next Highland Uprising, we will disrupt all traditions when it comes to designing a tartan, weaving a tartan and the finished product of purpose. We will return tartan to its Highland home once more and write our own history!


Thread of Purpose 2 - Weaving Innovation

For over 200 years tartan cloth has become most famously known as a flat kilt cloth, made from natural wool resources. The Black House Mill will challenge all norms. We are de-constructing 200 years of the same, the raw materials the treatments, the weave styles, the finishing, the thread DNA. Just across the Cromarty firth from the Mill we have the largest natural Highland fleece resource, this leaves the Highlands and indeed Scotland each year in its raw form. The Black House Mill will be most innovative mill in Scotland.


Thread of Purpose 3 - Design Flair

What is a tartan? What does this tartan mean? Do I need to be Scottish? Who can have their own tartan? We only have one rule, tartan must tell a story! We are proud to say we do things a little differently here. Perhaps it is because the Highlanders have always had a design flair when it comes to tartan, given so many historic tartans are connected with this Highland region. So where could be more fitting to submerge yourself in this design experience…


Thread of Purpose 4 - Loom Leaders

What would a textiles mill be without designers, weavers or finishers? As an iconic Scottish heritage industry, we are extremely passionate about turning this tide of decline. Having worked with the future generations of our region on various projects, we have shared their enthusiasm, their desire to disrupt, the ‘there is no limits’ views on creativity and quality – only with a Highland based mill can we make these desires become a reality, restoring our ancestors skills in the future generations and becoming leaders once again.

Thread of Purpose 5 - Highland Perfection 

With every gentle twist, every flowing thread, every seamless stitch and every delicate trim we will deliver Highland perfection. Where perfection is only ever achieved from the powerful combination of passion and craftsmanship. The Black House Mill will be tartan perfection!

Join our journey on October 14th and be part of the story that brings tartan back to the Highlands!

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