Edinburgh Castle Birthday Surprise

It is something special to think that within hours of touching down on Scottish soil you are presented with your very own personal tartan, officially registered within The Scottish Register of Tartans. This was the case for this Russian visitor early in September 2016.

We worked with his wife in secrecy to create a personal tartan design that reflected the story of her husband, their relationship and the importance of their five children. From this we ensured that his family story was embedded into his design. Starting at the heart of the design, the red centre cross represented the date the couple first met, moving out five coloured bands were measured in order of their children's birth years to finally the number of years celebrated as family on his special 46th birthday.

This was presented to him at a private dinner in Edinburgh Castle, accompanied by a Scottish piper and drummer no less. His hand-sewn and made to measure kilt was adorned instantly with his wife accompanying him with a matching sash. We also provided the family with 5 scarves for all of their children, as a token of their parents' visit to Scotland.

You can view the official registration of their tartan at The Scottish Register of Tartans by clicking here.

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