JAHAMA Highland Estates

JAHAMA Estates are responsible land owners in the Scottish Highlands, who are building on a proud history to deliver a very positive future for the estates they manage and for the local economy.

Their aim is to use renewable sources of energy, such as wind, water and biofuels to power industrial activities that ultimately benefit beautiful and sensitive areas of land by creating a strong local economy and allowing careful stewardship of the countryside.

With their exciting plans and ambitions we are truly thrilled to have create a bespoke tartan as part of that story. During Summer 2017 we visited the Glenshero Estate, just a few miles south of us we were quite at home roaming the hills. Our brief was to create a new and unique design that embodied the history of the estates and its proud new parent GFG Alliance. With such powerful colours associated with their brand we are very proud of the design we have created for them.

When JAHAMA Estates decided to commission their own bespoke tartan, they were committed to working with a Highland based company for this project. Being the only dedicated tartan specialist in the region we set to work weaving aspects of the land into thread count designs, and have since created woven cloths for tailoring and apparel gifts at our mill and studio.

Be the change you wish to see in the world

Our five threads of purpose define who we are, and with relentless passion we are creating a new future for Scotland's iconic cloth of identity.

As Highland Tartan Rebels, we know what we stand for. Where our fundamental truths inform every decision we make. We have cultivated a deliberate foresight with our brand supporters values driving our adaptability.

We are focused.

We are a brand of Endurance.

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