JMAR Unlimited Inc

We are pleased to share with you that Prickly Thistle has created a story telling tartan for JMAR Unlimited Inc. The companies founder based in Alexandria, VA, has a heartfelt story and passion to make a difference in the world.

Jessika M. A. Rovell, who is JMAR, is an attorney, a military officer, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, and a friend...she is also a sexual assault and domestic violence survivor. Through JMAR Unlimited, LLC, she has embarked on a journey that offers a range of services, all designed to facilitate realisation of unlimited potential.

Using her personal experiences to empower audiences and cultivate awareness, Jessika's perspective is compelling and relatable. Her message of strength and resilience is universally inspiring and can be tailored to all, in any industry, in any country.

It is these very emotions and dates of significance that are woven into the JMAR Unlimited tartan. Jessika does not have an immediate Scottish connection but her passion and admiration for Scottish spirit has drawn her to the power of an identity cloth. Of course tartan is the ultimate identity cloth.

Tartan is well documented and known as a symbol of strength and connection, from the rising of the Jacobites in the 16th century to even how a kilt wearing groom feels on his wedding day. All of these emotions run through the heart of Prickly Thistle and its passion to share with the world.

Prickly Thistle are incredibly humbled to be part of this journey and to help promote an organisation that will make such a positive impact to individuals lives.

In late 2017 Jessika married Daniel, and we love that her tartan story played such a huge part of the celebrations. Her woven in Scotland silk was transformed into the most stunning wedding gown, while Daniel was very much the Highland gent in his show stopping kilt.

You can view the official registration of their tartan at The Scottish Register of Tartans by clicking here.

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Our five threads of purpose define who we are, and with relentless passion we are creating a new future for Scotland's iconic cloth of identity.

As Highland Tartan Rebels, we know what we stand for. Where our fundamental truths inform every decision we make. We have cultivated a deliberate foresight with our brand supporters values driving our adaptability.

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