Loch Ness Water

Loch Ness Water is like no other bottled water product in the world. It truly stands alone due to the uniqueness of where the water is actually sourced. The infamous Loch Ness found in the Highlands of Scotland.

Like the uniqueness of this source, Loch Ness Water now has its very own story telling tartan. The Loch Ness Water #tartanjourney began in October 2015, just weeks after its brand launch. The brief was to create a story telling design that shares with the world the hidden secrets of its water source. The Scottish cloth that was to be woven was then to used to create limited edition and complimentary product ranges for their luxury water.

Prickly Thistle have enjoyed every step of the journey and are proud to say that this tartan was accepted into The Scottish Register of Tartans on the 18th March 2016.

Loch Ness Water has one of the most amazing stories, as in each bottle of water is the very water associated with the myth and legend of Loch Ness. They leave all consumers to ponder whether "Nessie" has swam through their very own bottle of water.

Loch Ness is a deep freshwater loch and is the largest by water volume in Scotland. It was created in the last Ice Age around 10,000 years ago and sits of the Great Glen Fault which runs from Inverness to Fort William in the south. It is these very facts and more that make the Loch Ness Water tartan design. Each yarn colour and yarn count tells the story of how the fresh mountain rivers that feed the loch have its very own journey before being enjoyed as a bottle of Loch Ness Water.

So what is the Loch Ness Water tartan story,

  • Did you know there is 6 major rivers that flow into Loch Ness
  • The water surface of Loch Ness covers more than 22 square miles
  • Loch Ness is 16 metres about sea level
  • John Oag, Managing Director and Founder of the Loch Ness Water brand began work on this project in 2012. After 3 years of much research and testing he created the first bottle of Loch Ness Water in 2015, some may even say he spends more time in the Loch than anywhere else....

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