This is a project whereby tartan and technology identity comes together, weaving one of Scotland's ancient industries with one that is leading the future.

Skyscanner is known to most as one of the world’s largest travel metasearch engines. Though very much a global business with ten offices across the world, the company was formed in Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh. We have had the great pleasure of working with Skyscanner to create a bespoke tartan that is all about their story....

Disrupters in their field, they have taken their unique identity and story to disrupt one of Scotland’s oldest developments, tartan. The Skyscanner tartan is not what many would class as traditional as you will see from the striking colour palette.

Skyscanner founder Gareth wanted to create something to mark Skyscanner’s history of over a decade, as a personal memento to Skyscanner’s journey. The design was created to reflect the iconic colour's of Skyscanner’s worldwide offices and logo. We wove into the fabric of the design the company’s history using measurements relating to its formation and its founders, each with a place and space on the tartan. In effect, embedding the company’s history into their new fabric.

The new tartan evokes the value and durability of the fast evolving global company, evolving to a bright, diverse design, which represents the exciting future of Skyscanner.

Clare's pride, "I am so incredibly excited to be collaborating with one of Scotland’s headline business success stories. For me, the beauty of blending one of our oldest traditions with a leading technology global player demonstrates that not all has been done with tartan. Collaborating with Skyscanner co-founder Gareth on this project shows all ambitious new Scottish entrepreneurs that we truly have an amazingly supportive business community.”

You can view the official registration of their tartan at The Scottish Register of Tartans by clicking here.

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