• "There's no place like home...."

It's not just a place, it's also a feeling....

The Black House Mill is destined for the beautiful peninsula of a similar name. The Black Isle, found within Ross and Cromarty in the Scottish Highlands. With a rich agricultural history, this will be first weaving mill to be based in this area and the first purpose built mill for over 20 years to exist in the whole of the Highland region.

Our permanent home for tartan has been inspired by our vision. A vision whereby the craft of creating tartan textiles for the Highlands has a future once again in its natural environment, furthering the promise of self sufficiency, escapism and rural regeneration.

On The Black Isle we have ready and waiting an unused 100 year old agricultural steading. Formerly a grain store, hay store, cattle byre and horse stable, this traditional U shaped steading renovation is due to start in 2019 with completion planned for 2020. On opening, we will be hosting the biggest 'Highland Fling' for all of our rebel crowdfunding backers and customers from around the world.

The story continues....

As of March 2021, we can proudly say that Prickly Thistle has been at home in our pop-up mill for 3 years:

3 Years of telling important tartan stories in this place

3 years of supporting our communities near and far in this place

3 years of propelling the tartan revolution in this place

It is no secret that we are fierce advocates of #noplanetB, but we sure have had to master the art of PLAN B due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It goes without saying that this last year has been many things; difficult, eye-opening and weird. Currently though, we are slowly and steadily looking to a future free of the weight of the pandemic, as #BuildTheMill intends to crack on this year with aims to be completed by the close of 2021. Many of our rebel crowdfunding supporters are chomping at the bit to get their toes tappin’ and kilts swingin’ for the Prickly Thistle Highland Fling, which we hope can take place in the beginning of 2022.

Despite Covid-19 throwing our plans up in the air, we are proud of ourselves for staying true to our ethics and our mission throughout all of the change.

There are some things which have not changed too - the resilience of our vision, the natural beauty of our future home's location, and the passion of our team for rural regeneration.

Be the change you wish to see in the world

Our five threads of purpose define who we are, and with relentless passion we are creating a new future for Scotland's iconic cloth of identity.

As Highland Tartan Rebels, we know what we stand for. Where our fundamental truths inform every decision we make. We have cultivated a deliberate foresight with our brand supporters values driving our adaptability.

We are focused.

We are a brand of Endurance.

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