• "The greatest accomplishment...."

Is not never falling, but in rising again after you fall....

Our story has been, and will always be underpinned by our collective endurance.

From our founders inspiration, to the rebel team who make impossible possible at Prickly Thistle, to the stories of identity for our clients, all the way to the very thread we are yet to discover and weave.

For us, Our Endurance is defined by our actions, which are the decisions we make, the paths we follow and the rising again after a fall. As we are guided by our five threads of purpose for the contribution we wish to make to the Scottish textiles industry, we rely on these traits to ensure we can achieve the greatest accomplishment.

Principled, where we use our fundamental core truth to inform every decision we make. From decisions about our raw material supply chain to the social causes we support.

Focused, we know where we are heading and at times we may have to say no if we are to truly achieve the changes we believe in.

Deliberate, where decisions are made with full consciousness of their nature and effects, which may result in a longer or slower journey, but the right journey.

Adaptive, by nature and by choice this is essential, given we live in a world where change is occurring at an exponential rate.

Self-aware, we know what we stand for, we know our purpose, and we know how to share this with others. Above all we strive to ensure we are aware of every client's needs, even before they do.

Be the change you wish to see in the world

Our five threads of purpose define who we are, and with relentless passion we are creating a new future for Scotland's iconic cloth of identity.

As Highland Tartan Rebels, we know what we stand for. Where our fundamental truths inform every decision we make. We have cultivated a deliberate foresight with our brand supporters values driving our adaptability.

We are focused.

We are a brand of Endurance.

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