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Following on from the discovery of Your Story we begin work on discovering your tartan design.

Using the shared narrative and images of inspiration, Clare will start to work on your bespoke story telling tartan interpretations. Your story inspires the design fundamentals of colourways and thread counts, the two essentiale to any tartan design.

Clare will create an initial range of six designs, each with digitally created and enhanced image files that will be shared with you on our private design portal. Once the designs have been perused, the next stage is refinement. This process highlights and confirms the elements that resonate with you the most. And after a series of tweaks, we will reach the one, your bespoke design.

We ensure your design is officially recognised as an authentic and original tartan design. This is done be securing its place in The Scottish Register of Tartans, a register that was established in 2008 by a Scottish Act of Parliament. These records form part of the National Records of Scotland, and a woven sample of your tartan will eventually be held in their great vaults for generations to come. Your design will be listed on the government website archives and we will present to you your official certificate of entry into the register in our handmade Highland slate frame.

Clare will guide you right throughout the whole process to ensure that your design is as unique as you.

To view some of our story telling designs then please visit our Bespoke Projects page.

To enquire about creating your own bespoke tartan, then please say hello to Clare at clare@pricklythistlescotland.com

Find out how we magically transform your story into a tartan design, how we bring this to life as a woven cloth and how we can create the most desirable products.

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