The Black House Mill Collection

The Black House Mill tartan was designed by Clare in October 2017 and was designed for one purpose - to tell the story of the building of a textiles mill on the Black Isle in the Highlands of Scotland.

This exclusive design has been created to celebrate the Tartan Uprising, lead by Prickly Thistle. The Uprising began in October 2017, when we introduced to the world our vision for this project through a crowdfunding campaign. We wanted to be the first to bring back the weaving of tartan to the Highlands and be the first to build a new mill in Scotland for decades.

The colours of this design are inspired by the black and grey hues of the ancient Highland slate on the historic roof of the former agricultural steading that was built nearly 100 years ago. The thread counts tell the story of the building, the year it was built, its iconic features and the future transformation that awaited.

This tartan will only be available until the Black House Mill is completed in 2020, and will only be sold during our crowdfunding period as part of an limited edition collection. You could say we learned a few lessons from our ancestors, and the only way for us to succeed with this Uprising was to rally the Rebels around the world that shared the same values and vision as we do for a future of tartan back in the Scottish Highlands.

Our first of three planned campaigns was successful in February 2018, despite a difficult start in October 2017. As true rebels never give up, we kept going. If you wish to be notified as soon as the next campaign is live please sign up to our 'want to know more' list of supporters.

The official registration of the Black House Mill tartan can be viewed here in The Scottish Register of Tartans.

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