• "The only impossible journey...."

Is the one you never begun....

In March 2018 we started work at our pop up mill, a temporary weaving home for Prickly Thistle in the Highlands of Scotland. Our pop up being the stepping stone to our permanent home in the future, The Black House Mill, which lies just across the firth.

Our successful crowdfunding campaign for #BuildTheMill 'Plan B' allowed us to commit to renting a local manufacturing space and rescue the most amazing looms that we had searched across the lands for in the months prior to the campaign going live. Over these last few months we have become custodians and having learned so much together, we are indeed making some noise. Where once again, cogs are turning, chains are driving, threads are spinning, shuttles are flying and our tartan collections are being perfected.

At the mill we proudly co-author with all of our clients. Starting with new tartan designs, then to cloth weaving commissions and finishing with bespoke product manufacturing with their cloth all under one Highland roof. Your experience will include 21st century digital design boards, translating to cloth woven on 20th century shuttle looms all perfectly presented to you from our in-house creative studio space. This is where we make the most stunning tartan products, from show stopping fashion pieces to the most sought after interior design essentials.

As we continue to 'rally the rebels' during our crowdfunding efforts by selling our exclusive Black House Mill Collection, we plan to move our tartan operations home to the Black House Mill in 2020.

Be the change you wish to see in the world

Our five threads of purpose define who we are, and with relentless passion we are creating a new future for Scotland's iconic cloth of identity.

As Highland Tartan Rebels, we know what we stand for. Where our fundamental truths inform every decision we make. We have cultivated a deliberate foresight with our brand supporters values driving our adaptability.

We are focused.

We are a brand of Endurance.

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